3 Easy Tips for Livening Up Your Study

For telecommuters or others who spend a lot of time doing work in the home, having a comfortable place to work and collect your thoughts is vital. However, on those days where work doesn’t come as easily or you’re feeling especially stressed, it can be nice to feel like you’re working in a space you don’t just feel obligated to be in. There are plenty of ways you can rework your home office for optimal space, comfort, and efficiency.


1) Rearrange the space.

    People suggest this often, but there is very good reason for it! Sometimes, repositioning your desk or some shelves here and there can make a world of difference for the atmosphere of a room.You don’t have to have an idea in mind before you go; just try sliding things around and see how it feels. Surprise yourself. Maybe angling your work station in a corner, or facing out towards a window, can give you a new perspective to work in and generate new ideas. Another big thing for me is lighting — I always hated that my shadow would get in the way of my paperwork and make it hard to see, so repositioning my lamp was a small, yet extremely effective discovery for me.

2) Invest in a few new furnishings.

    This can range anywhere from a new desk and desk chair to a few small organizing drawers. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make a room feel fresh and inspiring again; maybe a little pop of color, or some nice antique furnishings that bring some character to the space. Hammacher Schlemmer is a great website with tons of variety and unique pieces. They also have some amazing coupons for online and in-store purchases, which you can take a look at here.

3) Make it more personal with photographs or children’s drawings.

    When I’m having a mental block, sometimes I just need to take a breather and smile. Pictures of family and friends (or from them!) bring life to a study and have a way of making it feel more homey. Even if you already have some photos up, try moving them around or switching out the pictures. You could even invest in a few digital picture frames from Brookstone for some variety (which also come discounted with coupons you can find here.)

With a little tweaking and some trial and error, you can completely revamp your home office to become a new space filled with life, color, and inspiration. Play around with these tips, add a bit of your own, and have fun making your work space into a place you want to be!

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