Cut the Cost of those January Energy Bills

Gifts for family and friends, a Turkey feast, and plenty of fizz – the cost of Christmas easily tops up, however one of the main costs of Christmas doesn’t actually impact our bank balances until mid-January, when those pricey energy bills come out.

While the spirit of giving can quickly make us forget about the cost of cranking up the heating and using electrical appliances to the max, if you take effective steps this winter you could see yourself saving on your energy bills come January – exactly what you need after a festive season full of spending.


Here are a few must-dos to help cut your energy bills this winter…Loft insulation

One of the main causes of heat loss in the home is hot air escaping through the roof. Loft insulation is a short-term cost that can have great long-term benefits. Not only does loft insulation stop heat from escaping, it also works to prevent cold air from entering – meaning that you don’t end up paying for any loss of heating. This of course presumes that your roof is in good condition and is water/air tight. If it is not we recommend contacting a reputable contractor like St Louis Roofing to get things in order before proceeding. Energy saving experts also recommend investing in boiler insulation for enhanced energy efficiency.

Compare energy providers

This winter will see four of the ‘Big Six’ energy providers hike their rates by around 9% each – this is not ideal given that it is the time of year that we all increase the amount of energy that we use in the home. Rather than accept the higher rates, why not check out the tariffs currently available from smaller energy provider companies – some may even have introductory offers to help you save even more.

Use energy when you need it
Rather than leave heating on all day, the Energy Saving Trust advise that heating is far more effective (and economically) having it turned on only when you need it. Most homes have central heating pumps and salamander home booster pumps to help operate the heating system. Choosing a circulator pump that has an on-demand heating setting, such as the AUTOADAPT function found in Grundfos pumps, will ensure that a regular heating pattern is maintained – so you only pay for the heating that you use.

Save water
As well as heating bills, the cost of water can also top up those January bills. The colder winter months may make baths seem more desirable than taking showers, but you will see greater energy savings through taking short showers. Water loss can also be caused through running taps while you wait for the water to heat up – domestic heating pumps from Anchor Pumps, with AUTOADAPT technology can also assist with this, the unique technology monitors your home’s water consumption patterns, so water is always hot and ready to use when you need it.

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