Dressing up Your Decking in Style

The beautiful thing about decking is that it can be used and enjoyed all year round. From summer gatherings to winter nights by the fire, decking is a great investment for any garden. Whether you have a country-style garden or a modern, contemporary look, decking can work for all garden types. The great thing about decking is that you aren’t restricted to only using your garden throughout the summer months, and dressing your decking accordingly to suit the seasons will ensure you get the most out of your decking and garden.


Create a Social Space

One of the main benefits to introducing a decked area to your garden is the ability to provide your garden with a dedicated social space. There’s nothing more frustrating than a damp morning ruining the whole day due to wet grass, but when you have a decked area you can still enjoy the garden even when it’s not completely dry. Adding a social space to your garden gives you the perfect place for BBQ’s, alfresco dining and even just to sit back and relax, enjoying nature at its finest. Add a stylish outdoor table and chairs to your decking and you’ve instantly got yourself the perfect space for social activity.

Creature Comforts

Once you’ve given your garden a social space it’s time to make it comfortable. Outdoor furniture is perfect as it’s often weatherproof and durable. This can however, mean that it’s manufactured from strong, durable materials that may not be the most comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. Add some comfort and character to your decked area with some cushions that will help brighten the area up a little. When adding items such as cushions to your outdoor seating, you can get really creative. Choose bright colours and stylish patterns that will enhance your garden and create a warm and comfortable feel. You could also look at investing in some cosy throws to use on those cooler evenings.

Colourful Accents

Just like your homes interiors, your garden represents you and your style. The way you decorate your home, both inside and out, says a lot about yourself and highlights elements to your personality that you may not realise yourself. Introducing colour to your garden will add both character and style, whilst adding a beautifully bright touch. Some great ways to inject colour into the garden are through features such as cushions, plant pots, tableware and so on. You can be really unique when it comes to the gardens accessories, as they don’t have to reflect the interiors to your home and can be as bright and bold as you want them to be.

Vertical Plants

Plants are the one part of the garden that add life, character and style whilst also enhancing the gardens overall look. Hanging baskets are a perfect way of introducing some beautiful plants to your decking whilst keeping the design neat and tidy. You can find some stunning plants that hang over the sides of the hanging basket and create a draped look that will add a unique touch to your decked area. For those decking areas with panelling and wooden walls, crawling plants work really well. You can plant some beautiful flowers at the bottom of the decked area that will, over time, grow up the wooden panels and create a really delicate yet bold focal point that will give your garden a lovely finishing touch.

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