How Using a Neighborhood Service felt Just Like Home

One of the problems with being a busy mom is trying to account for time lost to the unexpected.  It never fails to dog me, like a stubborn, nagging feeling that I won’t get through this easily and sure enough, something pops and I have to call tech support.  A good example is the party decorations I had planned to use for the upcoming Father’s Day celebration my family and I have annually.


While preparing a proposal for a client, I got a message that there was a problem with my printer.  Normally that wouldn’t bother me, but this time it was holding up more than my business, it was messing with my personal life as well.  I wasn’t so worried about the proposal because it was for a former co-worker who helped me find some of the first clients for my bookkeeping service.  She already had the supporting documents on file, and her printer worked fine.


In my case, I had a surprise in store for the family.  I had found an old box in the attic that contained letters, photos and documents that had obviously belonged to my grandparents at one time.  I was so excited about showing them to my Dad for Father’s Day.  I just wanted to print out the photos and have them framed with a set for each of my siblings.  I even had one of the lovely poems written by my grandfather and had photoshopped a beautiful background for it.  But when I hit print, nothing happened.


Then I remembered that I had a prescription to pick up at Walgreens.  While I was there I enquired about their photo services.  I used their one hour photo service like it was my own back before digital cameras set us free., And I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they still offered photo service and had added new services.  I was so relieved when the clerk said that they could print all the images I needed in the sizes I wanted and have them ready by the time I finished my meeting across town.  I felt so much lighter.  I hate falling behind, especially when a tech problem means calling customer service and spending an hour or more trying to explain myself to someone who couldn’t care less.


The clerk at Walgreens was very patient and told me I could use their online service, and create collage prints, canvas prints, make keepsakes from my images and more.  I checked Groupon to see if there was a coupon I could use to save money, and sure enough they had one.  Now my party plans are back on track, the framing is being done, and I’m making note of the new photo services they offer for the next time I get an error message that threatens to ruin my day.





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