Keep Guests Coming Back by Providing a Quality Sleep

Smart hotel owners know that the best investment they can make is in providing customer satisfaction. Guests who feel comfortable and well taken care of are likely to return, and also more likely to recommend your hotel to others. Conversely, when the quality of the stay is poor, it can really do a lot of harm to your reputation.

Nothing is more important to the hotel stay than the bedding provided. Under-investment in anything related to the comfort of your guests would be a huge mistake, but the quality of the bed is going to be the first thing that is noticed. You must ensure that you are making a great first impression by choosing the very best quality you can afford.

Your first consideration should be providing luxury pillows, because pillow quality is one of the most important factors in assuring a good night’s sleep. Guests should awaken feeling refreshed and well-rested. If they feel stiff and sore, they’ll probably attribute this to the pillow you provide, so always buy good pillows and more than are actually needed.

You could provide different levels of thickness and firmness (making sure to keep things symmetrical on both sides of the bed), so that guests can choose which pillows feel most right for them. In this way you can eliminate worry on your part that you have let down the expectations of your guests, as you will have done everything possible to avoid a mistake.

A hotel duvet must also be of the highest quality. In addition to being warm and comfortable, it must also be durable, and of course spotlessly clean. It has been said that for the ultimate guest experience, a hotel room should always look as though it has never been used previously. That is a sensible thing to keep in mind when it comes to the sheets, duvet, and pillow cases.

Finally, it is good to think about the support provided by the bed itself. A natural duck feather featherbed is one addition to the mattress that may add that extra luxury feel, giving guests a great impression of the quality you are providing. If the bed is more comfortable to their previous experiences, it is going to make your hotel stand out as being superior.

Beyond the bed, the other room furnishings are secondary but still important. The most vital secondary furnishings are found in the bathroom. The toilet should be in perfect working order and should look clean. Many hotels go to the trouble of providing a hygiene seal over the toilet to indicate that it has been cleaned, and this is probably worth the extra expense it incurs.

Showers should have good water pressure, and depending on the climate, the temperature is likely to be important too. Guests are more likely to tolerate temperature problems in tropical regions, but they’ll never forgive poor water pressure.

Inside the room, if there is space for things like tables, chairs, and work desks, then provide them. These small investments give an impression of the room being more grand and spacious. However, if there is not enough space, you should be careful not to make the room look cluttered by providing more than is needed.

Good hospitality is an art that is learned through experience, but every hotel owner can get off to a good start by remembering that their priority is to gain the loyalty of every guest who passes through their doors.

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