Siding Is The Home’s First Line Of Defense: Three Ways Siding Can Protect Your Investment

sidingYour home is probably the most expensive thing that you will ever buy and so it is important that the home is protected from damage caused by outside sources, or you will see your investment deteriorate before your eyes.  You need a quality roof and quality siding to make sure that the home is secure from the elements, but good siding can do so much more and make your home very secure.  If you spend the extra money and invest in high quality siding you will see your home protected in ways that you may not have thought possible, and you will have some peace of mind that your investment is secure.  The very best siding will protect your home in three very important areas.

Weather Resistance

The most obvious thing that your siding protects against is the weather, and this is especially noticeable during extreme weather conditions.  Heat, moisture and high winds can all do serious damage to the structure of the home, and once the interior of the home is damaged, the cost of repairs grows very rapidly.  Good siding is able to resist water so the siding does not rot and develop mold.  When moisture enters the home, it is almost impossible to stop the spread and repair the damage without some kind of major renovations.  The siding should also be able to resist warping that is caused by external heat that can create gaps between the siding and the walls of the home.  The siding must also be able to withstand damage from hail and keep its shape and color in the event of extreme weather conditions.

Flame Resistance

One of the problems that older siding had is that it was very susceptible to fires.  When homes with this siding had a fire, the siding contributed to the spread of the damage and accelerated the spread of the flames.  Damage that was otherwise containable became much more extensive and the overall effect was the total loss of the home and everything inside.  Modern siding, especially fiber cement siding, will not combust because none of the materials are flammable.  If there is a fire in the home, fiber cement siding slows the spread of the fire and keeps the fire from moving from one area of the home to another area.  Siding should be a protective barrier for the home and not something that brings more damage.

Pest Resistance

Another way that siding should protect the home is by keeping wood damaging pests from the underlying structure of the home.  One of the worst pests that a homeowner can face is a wood termite.  Termites come into the home and attack the studs and the support structures of the home, which lead to extensive damage.  Other pests can also threaten the home, and some of the new siding alternatives deter these pests.  By spending the money for high quality modern siding you will be able to add an extra layer of pest protection to the home and your investment will be further protected.

A home needs to be protected from external threats, like weather and pests, or your home will suffer very costly damage.  You can limit this damage by adding high quality siding to the home, making your home safe.

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