Step Into Relaxation With A Walk In Shower

Many years ago as I stepped into a beautifully tiled, walk in shower in the middle of the jungle, I started rethinking my own bathroom at home. I had recently purchased my first home. I was planning a bathroom upgrade and decided there in the jungle that a walk in shower was the way to go. Not only would it remind me of the relaxation experienced on this trip, it would make good sense for the small space I had to work with and the mood I wanted to create when I stepped into it each day.


Showers Aren’t Just For Getting Clean

It is your time, your five minutes…or ten. It is a daily cleansing of the body and soul. It is a time to renew. It is your wake up call. It is the fuel you need to conquer another day of work or play. Or maybe it’s your good night treat. Perhaps it is the last comfort you offer yourself before sleep. It is the stillness and solitude you may not find anywhere else in your day. You want that space to reflect all it does for you.

Who Has Time For Baths?

That was my first thought when I was in that jungle shower. I knew I didn’t. My house had a tub at the time, but I never used it. Many of us do not have the luxury of long soaking baths due to our hectic schedules. But nothing felt more luxurious than that walk in shower in the jungle.

Walk in Showers Take Up Less Space

My space was limited and a walk in shower was the perfect fit. Those living in small spaces or those transitioning to a smaller space as they age, can save space with a walk in shower. Even a spacious walk in can occupy less of the bathroom floor plan than a small soaking tub.

Step In and Step Out, Walk Ins Are More Accessible

As we age, it becomes more difficult to get in and out of a tub. Lowering ourselves down and lifting ourselves up can get dicey and walk in showers eliminate the awkward possibility of needing to be hoisted out by a friend or a significant other when our aging bodies decide not to cooperate. In addition, many people experience periods of life that prevent them from easily and safely entering and exiting the tub. Sprained ankles, broken bones, post childbirth and general clumsiness can make that step into a large tub less than ideal.

You Can Still Get That Soaking Feeling if You Have the Time

Stylish walk in showers look great and are more accessible , but there are walk in baths too. If you want to soak but have mobility issues, this may the perfect option for you. Age UK offers a variety of designs to fit any need.

Bathing time is your time. Create a space that works for you and makes you feel like you’re on vacation every day.

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