Top tips to help you select the perfect shade when painting your child’s room

When it comes to decorating your kids’ bedroom, you need to be overly careful as it is this space of the home that your child will be spending most of their time. Therefore, this room must essentially be designed in a way that attracts your children instead of driving them away. One of the major aspects of designing the room is selecting the right colour for your children’s bedroom. Colour is usually associated with emotions and therefore, it must help evoke the right emotions and also have a calming effect on your children. This is essentially the place where your child must feel safe and hence, selecting paint colours that are children friendly is a must.

Usually, matching the paint colours with the appropriate kids cabin beds and study table can be a daunting task. While using these colours can help achieve the desired effect on your children, you must realize that selecting the right one is important.

Sometimes, you may not be aware of the colours that your child may like on the wall. They may suggest you to use bolder shades that are loud and garish and may not necessarily go with the decor of the room. For instance, a bright orange for a child’s room may seem like a lot of colour. Besides, the bed, rugs and other pieces of furniture may not complement the colour or may look like an adult’s room entirely. However, you need not fret as you can tweak this colour slightly while still managing to keep up with your child’s demands. The best way to use such loud tones is by using a neutral shade like white to make the colour appear pleasing to the eyes. Besides, you could also select the main colour and use it with milder tones of the same shade to add dimension to the room. It is extremely natural for 5 or 6 year olds to demand robust colours for their rooms as it makes them happy and feel energetic. Therefore, this is an excellent way to effectively meet your child’s demands without compromising on the style factor.

Breaking away from the stereotypes is important. While it is true that the colour pink is associated with the girls while blue relates to the boys, it is equally important that you opt for something more dramatic than settle for something that is an extremely common trend. The best way to do this is by selecting gender neutral tones. As a rule of thumb, warm colours falling in the range of shades that resemble peachy and melon hues are perfect for both boys and girls. To add more drama to the colour, you can consider using yellow and red along with it. You can complement these colours by having kid’s cabin beds and other sets of furniture in colours like wood, tan or cream for an added boost. You can never go wrong with neutrally coloured furniture pieces and therefore, if nothing else works, you can always rely on black, white, beige, brown and gray for giving your child’s room a much cleaner look.

The teenage years can be extremely dreadful for both the child and the parent. It is only normal for an average teenager to resent bright hues and instead opt for dull colours like gray and black. This will only add on to the gloom factor that teenagers usually have to go through. Therefore, the best way to do this is by using interesting cool colours in a duller way by adding gray and black to it. Besides, you can use black for the furniture or the rugs to complement the colour of the walls.

Author’s bio:

Martha Tudor is an interior designer and specialises in designing children’s rooms as it requires careful attention. Handmade furniture and kids cabin beds along with colourful wallpaper in her opinion, are perfect for younger kids. She has no professional background in this field but learns about interiors everyday from her own children’s needs.

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