Turn Your Garage Into A Sanctuary

Growing up, the garage at my parent’s house was used as some kind of a black

hole. Things no longer wanted, used only once, would be thrown in presumably

never to return. This couldn’t have been farther from the truth. In reality all those

unused items just sat there collecting dust and generally making the garage an

unusable space. It doesn’t have to be that way though. With a little bit of organization,

and some effort, you can turn your garage into anything from a chamber for

your cars, to the studio you have always wanted.


Start Big


For most people, the garage is where you park your car. Unfortunately, many

people have garages that aren’t even suitable for that. Lack of space

or precarious towers of photo albums and gardening tools, prevent people from

keeping their cars where they belong. Not only does your keeping a car in

the garage gives it an extra layer of security; it removes it from the vulnerable

positions in driveways and streets, where a ding or scratch is inevitable. For

those with new cars, all shiny and nice, you don’t want to leave your car exposed

to the elements.


So if you plan on keeping your car in your garage, start there. It is likely the

biggest thing to go in the garage so you should plan around it accordingly.

Envision where you would like to park it, and go from there.


Cutting Your Losses


Ok so next step: You are going to have to make some hard decisions, potentially

fight off a legion of spiders, and then have a garage sale to celebrate. If your

garage is a clutter-filled mess, you are going to have to dive right in and start

cleaning. This part of the job can be as fun as it is tiring. You are likely to find

at least one or two things that you had forgotten about long ago, that are

still worth keeping. Don’t get carried away though, the reason your garage

is so cluttered is because it is filled with junk. Be ruthless. Have a garage sale

to sell all of your unwanted stuff, and if you can’t get rid of everything, don’t put

it back in, throw it away or (better option) donate it to your local Goodwill, Salvation

Army or other charitable organization.


Now What?


Ok, so you can see the floor of your garage for the first time in 10 years. Big

whoop. It’s time to make some designs and plans for your garage’s newly

minted future. Wall mounted shelving is a great way to maximize the space

available in your garage without re-cluttering it. Create separate shelves or

areas for separate items: tools on the bottom shelf, old Pokemon cards on the

top, your favorite stuffed animals you refuse to get rid of because you saw

Toy Story 3 and you would never do that to Elmo, in the middle. Really the garage

is your oyster as they say it. At this point you can park your car and just sit

in it for a while admiring all the space around you, or get down to work on

your perfect bachelor pad. You did it. Pat yourself on the back and get on

to your next project.

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