Update Your Kitchen on a Low Budget

The kitchen has become one of the most used rooms in the home, whether that’s due to the amount of time spent cooking, eating, socialising or even working, it’s a constant hub of activity and therefore it’s essential to give it some well-deserved TLC. Completely changing your kitchen to give it a new look can end up being quite a costly task, however there are some great ways in which you can update your kitchen when even on a lower budget.

Experiment with Textures

When it comes to designing any room in your home, you often find that a theme begins to recur. Your kitchen can be a place for change, however, as it is the one room that has a mixture of colours and materials and has plenty of room for experimenting with textures. Add instant aesthetical appeal to your kitchen with some contrasting textures, such as some cream cabinets with a contrasting black oven, or maybe a wooden island with a contrast in the hardware used.

Opening Up

A new trend has begun to set in and that’s open shelving. Having shelving in your kitchen is a perfect way of showing off some of your favourite items such as fancy bowls or pretty mugs with stylish designs. You can also use shelves to store your plates. Whilst this may seem a little different, it’s become a very popular way to keep your plates fresh and neat at the same time. If you have a special dinner service set that has multiple opponents all made up of the same unique style, displaying these on some shelving will show them off as well as keep them in a safe place.

Switch Things Up

Whilst your kitchens style will be suited to you and the rest of your home, there’s always room to add a splash of new and update those kitchen cabinets. Replacement kitchen doors are the perfect way of cost effectively updating your whole kitchen without having to make any drastic, time consuming changes. Whether you look for a new style or simply a new colour, replacement kitchen doors will help to create a whole new look without having to break the bank.

Changing the Hardware

Whilst the design of your kitchen is based around colour and materials used, the hardware you choose plays another key part in the kitchens overall look and feel. To capture the right atmosphere and create a new look, simply changing your door handles or pulls on the drawers will make a huge difference. You could opt for a whole new shape and colour, or simply replace them for new ones as your current ones may look tired and worn. This kind of change is great because it’s really cost effective yet you also feel as though you’ve got a whole new set of cupboard as they’ll look new and stand out more.

Inject Some Character

Customizing your kitchen to suit your personal style and taste is a perfect way of adding character. You can add character to your kitchen in a number of different ways, from adding pieces of art to family photographs you instantly add a personal touch to the room. You can also add character through items such as a chalk board with personal messages, some inspirational quotes on fancy plaques or even just a fresh bunch of flowers in a stylish vase. These simple additions will make a surprisingly large difference to how your kitchen feels overall and the atmosphere that is created.

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