Water Wall Fountains And Feng Shui-The Benefits

Water wall fountains are a major part of Feng Shui especially for those who want to engage in home decoration. Feng Shui is not a new practice but an ancient one going back a long time ago deeper into the Chinese culture. In the practice, objects are arranged and placed in a certain space harmoniously for positive energy to flow without a major problem. With water an element of the practice, Feng Shui denotes wind and water.

Elements Of Feng Shui In Decoration

When it comes to decorating with Feng Shui, you need to think about major elements that define its principles, such as metal, fire, water, wind and earth. All the five elements must be incorporated in a home. For metal, wind and earth, adding them is not hard due to the many metals, fan models and stones that can be utilized in decorative touches, flooring and furniture. Fire and water could portend a problem when it comes to their creation but the element of fire can be developed in the home through candles.

Water Element

To bring the water element in the home, you might want to think about water wall fountains. You could choose units freestanding or designs much smaller to mount or hang on walls. Any element of flowing water boosts the positive energy Feng Shui seeks to create, meaning any kind of water fountain is at home with the ancient practice. For example, you can decide to go for tabletop fountains for different rooms around your home or get one for the patio, in case your space is not enough to host a garden wall or waterfall for a fountain installation.


The installation of water wall fountains is really not challenging. You will find different lightweight designs provided perhaps only requiring a single individual to do the work. The important thing worth remembering is that water walls are not just for the living room walls but also transforms other places such as bedrooms.

In fact, falling water sounds and the sight of the repeated water flow on a wall background is a wonderful element of great relaxation to help you sleep soundly and well. It is also very good for kids since it will help them to calm down, perhaps to prepare for bed.

Drowns Disturbing Sounds

Falling water sounds also ensure sounds are drowned out from the outside and other rooms of the home. Wall fountain lighting provides the much needed room nightlight especially for those romantic at heart. As color reflections are caught by the light within the water, a contrasting color scheme is provided to compare with the rest of the room, especially for those using colored types of lights.

Humidity In The Home

Apart from the positive energy you intended in Feng Shui, the water fountain will ensure you get some much needed humidity in the house. It is very advantageous every single day of the year and air conditioning in warm summer months might not be required, while providing much needed humidifiers for winter months.

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