Why Clean A Mess Only To Make Another?: Three Tips For Proper Shed Usage

Shed 1

If you are in the market for a shed it is probably because you already have a mess that you need to clean up and organize, and you do not have the space to do it.  The problem is that if you get a shed, you may be tempted to just move the mess from inside the house, out to the shed and then the whole process starts itself over again.  What you need to do is get control over your storage needs and decide how you want to use the shed and what purpose it will serve for your home, and when you do that, you can stop the cycle of creating space and filing it with more junk right away.  Before you buy a shed there are three things that you need to do.

Decide What Will Be Stored

The biggest decision that you will have to make about your shed is what you plan to put inside of it.  You will want to put items in the shed that all work together in some way, so that when you need one of those items, you know exactly where to go.  For instance, you might want to use the shed to store all of your outdoor tools.  That means that every outdoor tool that you have needs to go into the shed, so they are easy to find, and you need to keep other items out of the shed.  This cuts down on the frustration that comes with hunting for items that you know you own somewhere on your property.  The items in your shed should be those things that you do not need on a regular basis, or those items that you use only when you are outside.  This will eliminate the need to run to the shed for important everyday items.

Decide How You Will Use The New Space

Once the old items have been removed from their current place, you are going to have some new space at your home.  If you do not want that space immediately filled with junk, you need to make a decision about how you plan to use the space.  For the garage, this might mean that you tell the family the empty space will be used to park the family vehicles, and the garage is no longer to be used as storage.  If you are cleaning out a linen closet or some other room in the home, make sure that all of the family members understand what the new space is to be used for, and set the example on the day the shed arrives by filling the space with the things that you want in that area.

Decide Who Has Access

Another problem that you may run into is that everyone in the home has things that they want to put in the shed, and they might try to fill it up when your back is turned.  You want to have a firm grasp on the items stored in your shed so that your household can stay more organized, so you need to limit who has access to the shed.  This is especially important if you are going to store things of value in the shed that might be stolen, such as tools or family mementos.  If you limit access to the shed to only the adults of the family, then you will have a firm grasp on what goes in and out of the shed and you will know who has violated the rules for shed storage if something is out of place.

A shed is a great way to add extra storage to your home, but it only works if the shed does not become just another repository for junk.  You have to be proactive about the things that you put in the shed and control access to the shed, and you will be able to accomplish the things that you want to with your new storage unit.

I am Faith Martin, and I wrote this article after my family bought a shed and started using it to store junk that should have been thrown out.  When we bought a second shed, I decided to take a more active role and the shed worked out much better.  The storage sheds area retailer Space Makers Sheds (www.spacemakerssheds.com) provided us were very affordable and of high quality.  I highly recommend them if you are in the market for a shed.